The Crist Church has proudly sponsored the following sacred arts projects:

White Buffalo: An American Prophecy
This documentary motion picture includes interviews with the spiritual elders among multiple Native American Nations.

The Lost Boys of the Sudan
Sponsoring concerts of sacred and Indigenous music to raise funds to help educate the young men who escaped genocide in their home country.

Sacred Literature
Sponsored the writing and publishing of “On Death and Living” a spiritual biography of transition from grief and tragedy into healing, and realizing one’s spiritual potential.

We are currently sponsoring the writing of a book on the life of Jesus and Mary Magdelene.

Sacred Drama
The Crist Church has co-sponsored the children’s theatre production of “The Children of Eden”.

Sponsor of “The Easter Story” based on the Edgar Cayce readings.

Sponsor of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Godspell” at Fellowship of the Inner Light.

Sacred Music
The Crist Church has sponsored the purchase of musical instruments for churches and sacred musical events.

Sponsored the composition of sacred music for film, theatre, and live events.

Sacred Art
Crist Church has acquired a large collection of sacred art prints and cards by visionary Artist Nanette Crist which is used to support the church’s ministry.

Spiritual Events
Crist Church has sponsored many Indigenous Elder’s spiritual events, and wisdom sharing.

Healing Technologies
Crist Church has co-sponsored the development of an advanced sound healing technology

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