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Mt. Carmel and the Wonders of Israel


Target date: 2017

This trip is sponsored by the United Oracles which has been created for planetary healing. It will last approximately two (2) weeks, including travel time and will be escorted by Nanette Crist and expert Israeli Christian tour guides. We will be staying at first-class hotels in and around Jerusalem and at the beautiful Stella Maris Guest House on Mount Carmel, the holiest mountain in the world.

At the Wailing Wall on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, we will conduct a sacred ceremony with representatives of the world’s major religions present, and will participate in a Native American Medicine Wheel ceremony. Our trip will conclude with an experience in the Stella Maris Church and a planetary healing prayer and meditation in the sacred gardens. Please email to thecristchurch@gmail.com for more information regarding this trip.   

Spiritual Leaders – Master Souls

Stand in the presence of the Greatest Spiritual Leaders (illustrated Master Souls)

Scenes from the past have been perceived through my inner vision and recreated for you to experience. By viewing this art, you can resonate with the virtues exemplified by these master souls. Many who view this have an instantaneous realization of the unity of heart in all spiritual and religious thought.

Each of the twelve paintings will depict a scene in the life of one of the world’s greatest philosophers and religious leaders. These pictorial illustrations have been chosen to exemplify a particular virtue and astrological influence. They will be accompanied by a brief description of the adepts’ histories, an astrological sign and the virtues represented by them.

The viewers will experience an actual insight into the nature of the divine attributes that have manifested through each Great World Teacher. All races, all major religions, and all cultural spheres will be represented

It is my sincere hope that by all of us participating and sharing in these sacred projects we are helping to create harmony on our planet and end religious intolerance.



Buddha (Gautama) 

The Buddha is seen at the moment of enlightenment.He sits lotus style under the huge Banyan tree near a river. The river is as smooth as glass, reflecting the colors of the setting sun in blues, purples and gold. The perfect peace is shown on the face of the Buddha as he meditates in silence.His aura is white, golden and purple at all seven levels. One hand touches the earth and the other is in his lap. His appearance is youthful Indian.

Astrological sign – Aquarius (February)
Virtue – Silence becomes meditative power


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