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Nanette is a practical mystic who had an illumination experience when she was 21 years old. This ecstatic state of going into the white light while seeing and communicating with the God Presence was the supreme experience of her life. After this point her gifts of the Spirit were multiplied including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, precognition and seeress of past and future events.

Nanette is most eminent as a spiritual artist whose paintings of the apparitions of Jesus, Mother Mary, and Archangel Michael have been called true likenesses by the world’s visionaries. In addition many of the near death experiencers like Dr. George Ritchie have seen them the same way.

Nanette has been called “a Renaissance woman for this age” because of her diversified activities. Those included being a successful consultant for both political parties at the Congressional level, the Executive Producer of the film White Buffalo an America Prophecy, the State Film Commissioner for Delaware, on the Board of Directors for the Bob Hope Golf Classics and the Institute for the Study of American Wars and Peace Center, a former Miss Delaware USA, a Masters Degree in Metaphysics and head minister or Crist Church, a regular presenter at the Global Science Conferences, a holistic health consultant for over 40 years, co-manager of the Heritage Stores natural products, a theatrical performer (dancer, musician and  singer), MC of an ecumenical TV show, yoga instructor, State Director of the National Council on Drugs Alcohol and Women’s Health. State Director for Christian Voice, state founder of Food Distribution for the poor, instructor for the Delaware Modeling and Finishing School, the State Artist for Delaware, tourism director, founder of Cosmic Age Presentations, founder of  the Council on Original Records and, lifetime member and speaker at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. And most recently Founder of United Oracles.

Nanette’s current service is to bring people to the sacred power centers of the world to pray, meditate, and anchor the light of God to bring about planetary peace in order to avert greater catastrophes. She recently traveled to Mt. Carmel, the Holiest mountain in the world, and you may view a talk about this miraculous trip here:

About The Artist


Nanette was a mere seven years old when she announced her intention to become an artist. Her mother was a successful American artist and devoutly religious person whose ancestors were icon painters. When twelve Nanette had already sold thirty por­traits.

When she was twenty-one Nanette had a miraculous experience of seeing and communing with God for three days. This focused all activities of her life on the spiritual. For several years she worked part time as a free lance artist while holding a variety of other positions including, a holistic health consultant, a Film Commissioner, the Legislative Aide for the State Senate, the State Artist, a modeling and finishing school instructor, a TV show hostess, a Minister, and Miss Delaware USA.

Nanette’s painting has been described as spiritual realism. This enables the viewer to experience a direct communion with God and the Saints through a visual connection into the spiritual realm. Her paintings of Jesus and the Blessed Mother have been confirmed as accurate likenesses by Marian visionaries at Medjugorje, Colorado, and Betania.

Nanette’s paintings reside in the collections of many world leaders, religious leaders, various movie stars, U.S. government officials, corporate and civil rights leaders. Her published works are available on cards, prints, books, and videos throughout the world.

To support the spiritual arts, Nanette has established The Crist Foundation for the Sacred Arts and Sciences and founded a Sacred Arts Gallery.

News about Nanette in Hawaii

“While visiting Maui, Hawaii, this winter of 2016, Nanette was asked to be associate pastor for the Church on the Go. These services are held in the garden of Ka’anapali beach hotel by Pastor Laki Kaahumanu, descendant of King Kamehameha. You may see Nanette’s services in Hawaii on Youtube at this link:”

See Nanette’s interview below

Interview with Nanette

Nanette describes her visionary artwork in an engaging interview with Michael McCarthy. This film covers the history of her artistic abilities from childhood and the mystical experiences that inspired them.

She speaks about the inspiration for her famous Jesus the Christ portrait viewed all over the world. (28 minutes)


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